Congratulations to our client Fiona Harrington, who has made it through to the finals of Top Model 2018


I would just like to thank BA Model for  directing me back into the modelling industry and for the amazing photos that were taken at the studio.  

Kellie 22yrs

I wasn’t sure how my son would react in front of the camera as sometimes he can be shy however the staff were unbelievable with him and the photographer completely brought him out of his shell. Thank you all.

Ronnie 5 yrs

I thought I was too old to do any form of modelling however BA Model approached me and showed me that there is work out there for everyone. There is definitely a demand for the more mature models.

Andy 48yrs

I found BA Model to be extremely professional and very helpful. I have never worked with such a great photographer before and thanks to him and everyone at BA Model I am now looking at getting my first job as a tv extra! Here’s hoping to many more.

Lucy 35yrs

My daughter is full of personality and always wanting to be centre of attention however I didn’t have any idea where to start to get her in to the industry. BA Model gave me all the information and direction I needed and thanks to them she has landed a part in a Disney movie and has also got a modelling job with a very well known high street clothing brand. I cannot thank BA Model enough for getting her on the right road!!!

Milan 3yrs

My twins were always taking selfies and interested in being on tv so I attended a shoot with BA Model who helped guide us in the right direction to achieve this as well as taking amazing photos of them both! Thanks to all the staff

Olivia & Amelia 15yrs